Some links to love.

A photo reminder that we can't be "on" every day of year.

Do you have a full bookshelf? Use those books to create this tree.

You know those bags in which shallots and garlic are packaged? Here is a way to reuse them as gift wrap.

A gift idea for little ones on the go. These products utilize water based solvents, paints and laquers. [spotted on HAUTE*NATURE]

Lovely wrapping idea. Although, I was quite impressed with my own wrapping this year.

My brother is implementing sustainable practices at his golf course. A future trend in turfgrass management? Hopefully.

Christmas may be over, but there are 2010 birthdays right around the corner. Get the idea wheel turning with these 10 green gifts ideas for the cook in your life. There are a slew of other green gift lists at the end of the post. [spotted on The Kitchn]

Her hobby is her job. One woman's story on quitting her old day job and making Etsy her new day job. [spotted on A Cup of Jo]

Are you looking for a time saving method and a water saving method (I do realize that this doesn't save that much water.)? Answer: Boil your vegetables with your pasta.

In a previous post, I introduced you to the Atlas of Ethical Eating (in the Mpls/StP area). Here is a recent interview with the creator of the Atlas.  "What we wanted to do is create a matrix of decision making so that people could make more informed decisions." 

[photo by me]


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