Christmas traditions.

A beautiful tree filled with ornaments that bring back memories.

A reading of The Night Before Christmas by my dad.

A mug for each of us. The mug has the same theme (ie. bears, angels, trees, etc.) as the ornament we receive.

Pajamas for all.

Outdoor lights and ice candles.

Hand-knit stockings (my mom is amazing!).



What will you be toasting to over the holidays?


Before and after.

Before...a t-shirt.
After...a necklace. A scarf. An accessory. A statement piece.

Peace comes in any color.



Sea of flowers.

Before. Technically, during.


Red hot.



Lions and elephants and donkeys. Oh my!





Eat more kale.

A friend of mine saw a bumper sticker last week that said eat more kale., so we did. The initial plan was to sauté it and add it to a butternut squash sauce with mushrooms and onions - which would later go over gnocchi. As the the cooking began, we decided it could standalone on its own.

And here's how it went down...

+Finely chop a clove of garlic or two.
+Heat some olive oil in a pan...maybe one, maybe two tablespoons...over medium high heat.
+Once hot, drop in the garlic and cook until slightly browned.
+Rinse your kale. Remove the center stem and when the garlic is cooked to perfection, drop in your kale.
+Take some lemon juice and add it to the pan. Maybe two tablespoons. Depends on how lemony you want it to be.
+Crack some fresh pepper. Drop in some salt. Stir. Kick the heat up a notch.
+Watch the kale shrink down. Serve.

So good that we had it twice over the weekend.

Here are some other recipes that will have you eating more kale. The first two are tried and true. The other two are on my list. Enjoy.

Baked kale chips. [via: smitten kitchen]

Lively up yourself lentil soup. [via: 101 cookbooks]

 Raw tuscan kale salad. [via: 101 cookbooks]

 Kale and pumpkin pasta. [via: frites and fries]

I just made this recipe. I didn't add kale, but I did add spinach. I left out the cheese; doubled the tomatoes; used dried basil instead of fresh; added dried thyme; used whole wheat penne; and didn't think it needed any extra salt. It is good and it is easy.



Exploring the north shore.

Rest. Relaxation.
Cooking. Hiking.
Games. Beer.
Golf. Coloring.
Running. Eating.
Lounging. Laughing.
Reading. Singing.
Wildlife. Sunrises.
Waves. Sunshine.
Coffee. Memories.
Good things.