Cheers to local beer.

Leech Lake Brewing
+Started by a husband and wife duo.
+Plan to keep distribution close to Leech Lake and let people flock to the beer.
url: http://leechlakebrewing.com/

Mankato Brewery
+Started by a local businessman with an eye for brand development.
+Launch plan includes two beers.
url: http://mankatobrewery.com/

612 Brew
+Started by a group of beer-loving friends.
+Focus will be on bringing back traditional style beers.
url: http://612brew.com/beer/

Lucid Brewing
+Started by another husband and wife duo.
+"...I want the beer that you can sit there and enjoy. Maybe the beer is not the main focus of the conversation; it’s just part of the conversation. It’s just part of the whole environment.”
url: http://lucidbrewing.wordpress.com/

Harriet Brewing
+Started by a chemical engineer.
+A zero carbon footprint brewery with beer "brewed with intention."
url: http://www.harrietbrewing.com/

[info credit: the heavy table, michael agnew]
[top photo credit: design crush]


And on his farm he had...

an eggplant.

some green beans.

an heirloom tomato.

some herbs (and lots of them).

some corn.

a zucchini.

more zucchini.

boatloads of mint.

yet another eggplant.

leftover herbs.

one more zucchini.

a handful of swiss chard.

a potato.

some beets.

two point five pounds of tomatoes.

a bunch of basil.



I'm having a love affair with my CSA.

sauteed zucchini with green onions and dill

steamed beets, broccoli and califlower

carrots to be shredded

cabbage & carrot salad with a cilantro lime vinegarette

salt & vinegar potato chips

mint peatini