Some links to love.

The photo doesn't really have anything to do with the below links. I just wanted to share an image from my 2009 Christmas wrapping jam session. Wrapping paper provided by old magazines/catalogs. Thank you: METRO, Anthropologie and j.crew. Music provided by Pandora. Thank you: classic crooners.

Frozen fish is the way to go. Fresh. Frozen. Fish. Read why here.
Wish I had a house in the city to restore. Until that day comes, I'll just lustfully gaze at the images from this book.
This wreath is magnificent. A wreath of your own could be made from bits and pieces found inside and outside of your own home.
Reminder: winter solstice tomorrow. Instead of complaining about it getting dark early, I am embracing it. This article puts a positive spin on darkness.
Who wants to go out and find fallen birch trees with me? Who wants to help me make these cake plates after our adventure? 

[photo by me]


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