Some links to love.

A photo reminder that we can't be "on" every day of year.

Do you have a full bookshelf? Use those books to create this tree.

You know those bags in which shallots and garlic are packaged? Here is a way to reuse them as gift wrap.

A gift idea for little ones on the go. These products utilize water based solvents, paints and laquers. [spotted on HAUTE*NATURE]

Lovely wrapping idea. Although, I was quite impressed with my own wrapping this year.

My brother is implementing sustainable practices at his golf course. A future trend in turfgrass management? Hopefully.

Christmas may be over, but there are 2010 birthdays right around the corner. Get the idea wheel turning with these 10 green gifts ideas for the cook in your life. There are a slew of other green gift lists at the end of the post. [spotted on The Kitchn]

Her hobby is her job. One woman's story on quitting her old day job and making Etsy her new day job. [spotted on A Cup of Jo]

Are you looking for a time saving method and a water saving method (I do realize that this doesn't save that much water.)? Answer: Boil your vegetables with your pasta.

In a previous post, I introduced you to the Atlas of Ethical Eating (in the Mpls/StP area). Here is a recent interview with the creator of the Atlas.  "What we wanted to do is create a matrix of decision making so that people could make more informed decisions." 

[photo by me]


2009 Wrapping.







 [all photos by me]


Holiday reminders.

Enjoy the company of those around you.
Take pictures [with a camera or with your mind].
Open your heart.
Be merry.
Be present.
Be grounded.
Take a moment to embrace silence with all of the hustle and bustle going on around you.
Be alone with your thoughts.
Make memories.
Travel safely.
Travel cautiously.

[photo by me] 



Some links to love.

The photo doesn't really have anything to do with the below links. I just wanted to share an image from my 2009 Christmas wrapping jam session. Wrapping paper provided by old magazines/catalogs. Thank you: METRO, Anthropologie and j.crew. Music provided by Pandora. Thank you: classic crooners.

Frozen fish is the way to go. Fresh. Frozen. Fish. Read why here.
Wish I had a house in the city to restore. Until that day comes, I'll just lustfully gaze at the images from this book.
This wreath is magnificent. A wreath of your own could be made from bits and pieces found inside and outside of your own home.
Reminder: winter solstice tomorrow. Instead of complaining about it getting dark early, I am embracing it. This article puts a positive spin on darkness.
Who wants to go out and find fallen birch trees with me? Who wants to help me make these cake plates after our adventure? 

[photo by me]


Home for the holidays.

Oh there's no place like home for the holidays,
'Cause no matter how far away you roam,
If you want to be happy in a million ways,
For the holidays,
You can't beat home, sweet home.

Home is where your heart is. May you travel safely and enjoy the company of family and friends this week.

[photo by me]



Some links to love.

Portland. Constantly taunting me. Begging me to visit. Please don't stop. Check out the digs at Parliament, a branding/design company with an office built from repurposed items. Love the overlays. [spotted on: mint]

Looking for a non-toxic art-related gift for your niece, nephew, kids or grandkids, then check out Clementine Art. Soy crayon rocks. Natural glue, paint and modeling clay. Forget about the kids, I want this stuff for myself! [spotted on: black*eiffel]

Denmark is doing it right. Sustainability is not something they check off a list, it is how they live.

First, lovely baskets and now 100% natural cotton produce bags. Love this lady (and I'm not biased because she is from Minneapolis).

Natural, homemade dishwashing soap. Looks super easy. [spotted on: The Kitchn]

I'll be adding this to my "must watch" list. How do you define waste?

An illustrative collection of things you've been meaning to do. Love the little side bar comments. [spotted on: black*eiffel]

Nature's art. Gorgeous images of icebergs.

Karl Hebert designed something called People Towels (the Hug Trees image is from his collection). These towels are made of sustainable, organic, fair trade fabric and are printed with soy based inks. They can be purchased here, but make sure to stop by Karl's own Web site to check out more of his work. [spotted on: design work life]

[hug trees] 



Love this store.

 I haven't ever been here and maybe never will, but I want to jump right into the photos of this store and stay there. Forever. That's irrational, but kind of true.

(Spotted on BLACK. WHITE. YELLOW.)




Packaging gifts with stuff I have laying around my place gives me great joy. Some of my favorites include:

+brown paper bags with scraps of yarn
+a collage creation from old magazines
+anthropologie catalogs
+j.crew catalogs

A little creativity can go a long way. I'm sure you have something in your house that can be repurposed into gift packaging.

I do, however, love the stuff over at Tinted Mint. They specialize in eco-friendly products and accessories for not only gift packaging, but also for general crafting and other DIY projects. The owner lays out exactly what is in products she sells and packaging she uses:

glassine bags and paper

100% waxed paper. Used in packaging Washi tapes.

packaging tape

Kraft paper, rubber-based adhesive.

product labels

Kraft paper, adhesive.

order receipts

50% PCW recycled and 50% alternative fibers (bagasse, bamboo...), FSC certified, made using renewable Green-e certified energy.

shipping box

50% recycled content. Please note that at times we may use USPS Flat Rate shipping boxes if that provides a better postage rate for our customers.

shipping filler

Material content can range from paper to bubble wrap to foam peanuts, whatever I can reuse instead of throwing in the trash.

shipping label

100% PCW recycled paper.

tissue paper

100% recycled paper. Used to package Washi tape sets.

Washi tape

Japanese rice paper, acrylic adhesive.


            100% merino wool, kettle dyed, hand painted. Used to package Washi tape sets.

I am in love with her new arrivals. Stop on over at the Tinted Mint site.