Some links to love.

Portland. Constantly taunting me. Begging me to visit. Please don't stop. Check out the digs at Parliament, a branding/design company with an office built from repurposed items. Love the overlays. [spotted on: mint]

Looking for a non-toxic art-related gift for your niece, nephew, kids or grandkids, then check out Clementine Art. Soy crayon rocks. Natural glue, paint and modeling clay. Forget about the kids, I want this stuff for myself! [spotted on: black*eiffel]

Denmark is doing it right. Sustainability is not something they check off a list, it is how they live.

First, lovely baskets and now 100% natural cotton produce bags. Love this lady (and I'm not biased because she is from Minneapolis).

Natural, homemade dishwashing soap. Looks super easy. [spotted on: The Kitchn]

I'll be adding this to my "must watch" list. How do you define waste?

An illustrative collection of things you've been meaning to do. Love the little side bar comments. [spotted on: black*eiffel]

Nature's art. Gorgeous images of icebergs.

Karl Hebert designed something called People Towels (the Hug Trees image is from his collection). These towels are made of sustainable, organic, fair trade fabric and are printed with soy based inks. They can be purchased here, but make sure to stop by Karl's own Web site to check out more of his work. [spotted on: design work life]

[hug trees] 


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    Loved the collection of things you've been meaning to do!