Packaging gifts with stuff I have laying around my place gives me great joy. Some of my favorites include:

+brown paper bags with scraps of yarn
+a collage creation from old magazines
+anthropologie catalogs
+j.crew catalogs

A little creativity can go a long way. I'm sure you have something in your house that can be repurposed into gift packaging.

I do, however, love the stuff over at Tinted Mint. They specialize in eco-friendly products and accessories for not only gift packaging, but also for general crafting and other DIY projects. The owner lays out exactly what is in products she sells and packaging she uses:

glassine bags and paper

100% waxed paper. Used in packaging Washi tapes.

packaging tape

Kraft paper, rubber-based adhesive.

product labels

Kraft paper, adhesive.

order receipts

50% PCW recycled and 50% alternative fibers (bagasse, bamboo...), FSC certified, made using renewable Green-e certified energy.

shipping box

50% recycled content. Please note that at times we may use USPS Flat Rate shipping boxes if that provides a better postage rate for our customers.

shipping filler

Material content can range from paper to bubble wrap to foam peanuts, whatever I can reuse instead of throwing in the trash.

shipping label

100% PCW recycled paper.

tissue paper

100% recycled paper. Used to package Washi tape sets.

Washi tape

Japanese rice paper, acrylic adhesive.


            100% merino wool, kettle dyed, hand painted. Used to package Washi tape sets.

I am in love with her new arrivals. Stop on over at the Tinted Mint site. 



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