The little things.

October went out in style over the weekend. Pumpkin carving. Final race of the season (a chilly 10-mile run along some of the best roads in Mpls). "Tailgating" with a fire pit. Outdoor football (with a win by the Gophers!).

Kind of a quiet weekend for the little things:

+Collected my other brother and sister-in-law's #5 plastics.
+Dropped off a large collection of #5s at Whole Foods (and was thanked by an employee for bringing stuff in).
+Bought oats in bulk reusing my brown bag from my last purchase.
+Bought cinnamon in bulk to be added to my almost empty bottle.
+Carpooled with 8 people, in a van made for 7, to the Gopher football game (thanks, dad!).
+Used reusable bags at the mall for some necessities. They're not just for groceries.


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  1. BTW, you do not get credit for doing a little thing if you in-turn, break the law. See 8 people car-pooling in a 7 passenger van. Breaking the law covers, "little thing".

    Kidding of course...