Giving thanks.

I've received a lot of crap over the years for not being a big fan of Thanksgiving dinner. People seem to jump to the conclusion that I don't like Thanksgiving, the holiday. Not the case. It is the food. I'm just not a comfort food kind of gal. It means more for you, so let's move on...

Thanksgiving, the holiday, now that is something of which I'm a big fan. A day to give thanks. Like most holidays, the true essence of the holiday has been masked by the commercialization of the day. This year, make it about giving thanks. Your options are endless, but here are a handful to get you thinking:

+Begin dinner by going around the table and giving thanks for someone or something.

+Start a "thankful" journal.
+Be thankful for your ability to buy and cook your own meal and make a donation (time, food or dollars) to a local food shelter.

+Thank your co-workers or employees for their work before leaving for the holiday weekend.
+Thank the person who made your meal. Offer to clean-up or bring them a small token to show your thankfulness (a bottle of wine, a box of holiday cards, a bouquet of flowers).

+If you made the meal, thank your guests for coming and sharing the day with you.
+Spend time outdoors. Be thankful for the world around you.
+Recognize that you wouldn't be where you are today without others. Thank those people.

+Thank service providers. Your mail-person. The maintenance worker in your apartment building. The cashier at the grocery store. Your flight attendants. The barista at your local coffee shop.

+Start giving thanks on a daily basis. This life isn't just about you.


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