The little things.

Celebrate good times...come on!

Good weekend. Full weekend. Full of friends, family, good food and good wine. Some little things sprinkled throughout...

+Dined in and out at a few local, non-chain dining establishments.
+Spent some quality time with my mom on a tour of our favorite S. Mpls shops.
+Bought some tall bio bags since the little ones weren't quite right for hauling my compost up to Duluth.
+Inquired at the Linden Hills Natural Home about compost pick-up. Sounds like it is becoming an option in some neighborhoods and that there may be a drop-off near the Amtrak station in St. Paul. Sounds like a little research is needed...
+Scrubbed the last of the peanut butter out of a jar at my sister-in-law's (she gave me major credit for taking the time to do this).
+Walked a couple of movies back to the store and then went for a nighttime stroll. November has been the hero this Fall.


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