A week of thanks. Siblings & their offspring.

Adam. Kelsey. Chris. Lindsay. Tate. Olive. Six people who make life wonderful.

Adam. Chris.
My brothers. Best friends.
They have been transformed into husbands and most recently fathers.
I have had the honor of following in their footsteps and it has been a well-blazed trail.
Smart. Honest. Funny. Quiet.

Kelsey. Lindsay.
My sisters-in-law.
They are the perfect compliment to their spouse and make this family complete.
Caring. Fun. Amazing moms. Honest.

Tate. Olive.
My nephew. My niece.
They have changed my family's world. They have changed my world.
I see a new world through their eyes. A world of hope. A world of opportunity. A world that needs to be taken care of for them and those that come after them.
Busy. Listening. Learning. Growing.

These six people make me a better person. I am who I am because of them.


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