The little things.

Some people shy away from making sustainable, “green” choices in their lives because they fear that this means making BIG or drastic changes to their comfortable lifestyle. You don’t need to stress about making big changes when simple, small steps can make a difference. They may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but soon enough it will become the norm.

Below are some little things I did over the weekend. Small habits can lead to something bigger down the road.

+Dropped off compost at one of the citywide drop-off locations in Duluth. No, I didn't just drive to Duluth to drop this off, but I do collect and freeze compost until I can make a trek up there.
+Walked outside. Self-powered exercise. Embraced fall and all it has to offer.

+Walked to and from the Duluth Dunn Bros. A 5-mile round trip.

+Used a ceramic mug at Dunn Bros. since we were enjoying our beverages at the coffee shop.

+Collected my brother and sister-in-law's used #5 plastic to be dropped off at Whole Foods for the Preserve Gimme 5 program. You can visit this link to learn more. A future post will highlight the program.

+Borrowed the book Omnivore’s Dilemma instead of buying it. Read about it here. Hopefully I’ll get through it and write about it someday.

My goal is to make this post a weekly event. We’ll see if that happens.

*photo by my sister-in-law


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