Your weekend task.

On Friday, I gave you a task:
A new blog?
A local restaurant or store?
A winter stroll?
A new ingredient?
Something else?

Enjoyed SMBC at Blackbird (the review is coming soon, hopefully).

Strolled through Wild Rumpus.

 Had dinner with my nephew and mom at Pizzeria Lola.

Cooked up some barley.

Added zucchini to my smoothie.

Took at winter walk with a special lady.

Made a new recipe and enjoyed it with a group of friends.

And you?



  1. A local/new restaurant? NE Social

    A winter stroll? Check. Snow angels and a very short stroll by Lake Harriet.

    Funny Tate quote? "The baby is saying, 'Who is smooshing me? It must be my big brother!'".

    Weekend houseguests? Aunt Emme and Laurie

  2. Most of my new things were done with you! :)