There are worse things...

than the vending machine eating your dollar.

I was greeted at the gym this morning by a lady complaining that the vending machine had taken her dollar.
The worker explained that she didn't have access to any cash drawers at the moment and before the worker could say anything else, the lady left with a huff.
She strolled into spin class and proceeded to test out three different bikes with none of them being "just right."
Finally, she picked a bike. Right. Next. To. Me. Yay.
Her negative energy was slipping into the rest of the classroom.
A different worker interrupted class about 10 minutes in to ask who had lost their money when trying to get a water bottle because she had brought that person a bottle of water.
With a huff, the lady lifts her hand and says "me!". No thank you. No smile.

Next time, try a smile. Try saying thank you. Don't carry that negativity with you - others will sense and feel it too.

Have a good day, blog friends.

Plus, I'm not sure why she needed a bottle of water when she had a reusable bottle in her holder. Over it.



  1. Ugh...negative people. It takes WAY too much energy to be that way!

  2. Like I've been told, when you are having a bad day you just have to think "some people have worse days than you"