Some links to love.

Where have I been? It doesn't matter because I'm back and I'm here to share some links with you.

"Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets..."

Layered chain necklaces...love. Socially conscious fashion...love. Put them together and what do you get...The Andean Collection. "great fashion forward designs, while creating a greener planet, and providing a path out of poverty for artisans using fair trade principles." [via]

The fact that this girl discloses what materials she uses to make her bags makes me happy. [via]

The upcoming World Cup uniforms (aka kits) are made from recycled plastic bottles. I wonder how well those breathe? Nike is stating that they diverted 13 million water bottles from the landfill. [via]

Good news...greener packaging. Bad news...it is still Quiznos. Read about the changes Quiznos has made to their packaging. Looks like they are on the same path as Nike - uniforms (aka aprons) are going to be made from recycled plastic bottles.

Now you can take that beloved t-shirt from high school and turn it into a laptop sleeve. Now I know what to do with my favorite t-shirt from swim team with my name on the back and I'm not even joking. About the organization: Hello Rewind is a New York City based operation promoting two-fold renewal; to recycle old goods into new, and to develop a business aimed at supporting the reintegration of sex trafficking survivors into society. [via]

A dollhouse that is modern AND eco-friendly. Groovy. [via]

If you are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area tomorrow, check out the citywide event that is helping two local restaurants recover after a recent fire took them off the grid.


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