Give the gift of travel.

Travel near.
Travel far.
To new places.
To favorite places.
By car.
By bike.
By plane.
By foot.
By boat.

Giving gifts is one of my favorite things to do. It is important to me to give gifts that are meaningful, useful and a bit unexpected. Babies and toddlers are always a challenge for me because they don't necessarily know when they are getting something and they seem to have a ton of books, toys and clothes. 

Last year as my nephew's and niece's 1st birthdays approached, I decided that I would give them the gift of travel. This gift of travel wasn't a plane ticket or frequent flyer miles, but a travel account (aka. savings account) for them to use once they turn 18. My family is aware of the account, so if they feel compelled to add to it, they certainly can! Traveling has made such an impact on my life and is a source of inspiration for me - I wanted to give this gift to them.
Bon voyage, Tate & Olive!


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  1. I can't wait to go somewhere new and exciting when I am older And maybe if you're lucky I'll let you come with! :)